Coming in October 2015, the world premiere of GHOST LIGHT, a full-length play written by Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei, directed by Penny Bergman.

The ghost of a Japanese-American actress returns to wreak vengeance on the ambitious husband who betrayed her in this contemporary fusion of MACBETH and the Kabuki YOTSUYA GHOST TALES.

YOTSUYA GHOST TALES, the kabuki play based on the legend of a horribly betrayed woman named Oiwa, was our first inspiration.  A perennial favorite in Japan,  it has been adapted into at least 30 films and continues to influence anime and Japanese horror movies.

one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, has some surprising parallels to Oiwa’s story. Like Oiwa’s faithless husband, Macbeth is seduced into evil by unbridled ambition. Also like Oiwa’s husband, Macbeth is tormented by the ghosts of those he murdered. The supernatural is everywhere.

GHOST LIGHT fuses elements of these masterpieces to create a fun, spine-tingling and brilliantly theatrical new work.